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Are You Homeschooling on a Trial Basis?

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Recently, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a post from another blogger that I’m not super familiar with.  It went something like this: “WAHM: If your husband doesn’t approve of your home business, do what you can to get him involved so he can see how awesome you are.”  After I picked up my jaw, grace set in and I began to feel really sad for this blogger and her marriage.


If my husband didn’t approve of my home business, I wouldn’t have a home business.  This probably goes without saying.

The reason I’m saying it is because this same concept can apply to homeschooling.  Ladies, if your husband has not given you his blessing to homeschool, if you are doing it against his will and it is causing strife and walls in your marriage, then you need to stop. God is not going to bless your efforts like you’re hoping if you and your husband are not united in the conviction and calling of homeschooling.

However, maybe you’re working through a trial period right now in your schooling.  I’ve known a couple of families where the parents weren’t totally united in the desire to homeschool, but the husband gave the wife a chance to give it a shot and see how things went.

Is that you?  If so, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your commitments.  If you say you are planning on schooling Monday-Thursday each week, then do it.  Let nothing less important distract you.  Not only are you being faithful to the promise you made your husband, but you’re establishing a good routine for yourself and helping your kids learn good time management skills.
  • Don’t “ham it up”.  Be honest about the good times and bad times during your school days.  If you are always making it seem like things are running smooth as butter, you’re not being honest. Besides, your husband will have a different perspective on the situations that come up and can likely encourage you or help you find a solution to a problem if you share it with him.
  • Do include him.  Homeschooling, in my opinion, shouldn’t be a mirror of other school systems.  It’s a 24-hour-a-day experience.  It’s life.  Show him how learning is already integrated into each part of the day by creatively including him in some of the fun stuff.  For instance, the kids and I recently made a cake and decorated it to look like the geography of Egypt.  The kids shared the cake with Daddy after dinner and told him all the things they learned.  He was impressed!

I was so inspired by a friend of mine who began homeschooling this year.  Her husband had lots of doubts but decided to let her give it a try.  There were so many times when he would say something negative or seem like he was going to pull the plug on the whole deal.  She would tell me, “I’m not going to nag.  I’m just going to pray.”  Here she is at the end of the school year and her husband is 100% on board with homeschooling!  Do you think it was because she’s a super awesome homeschooling mom?  Well, maybe that’s part of it.  But the great glory goes to God who honored her patience and prayers!

If you’ve been given the yellow light on homeschooling, take it seriously and proceed with caution. Give it your best, but remember that nothing is worth strife and bad feelings between you and your spouse.  Wait, pray, and be faithful and see what God will do with that obedience.

Guest post by: Sarah from Hope in Every Season

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